Deflationary Supply

As holders interact with $JNGL, the supply will decrease with time.

$JNGL has multiple burn mechanisms and events for its holders. Projected up to a 7.5% supply burn within first 90 days.

SK1 Staking Pool

20% of the supply is allocated for Supreme Kong NFT holders to claim daily. Over a 90 day destribution period of 2,000,000 $JNGL. This means each of the 2000 Supreme Kongs will yield 1000 $JNGL each within 90 days. This equates to 11.11 $JNGL per day per Kong. All Kongs must be staked in order to be eligible to claim $JNGL. Your first claim during a 7 day period is tax free. Subsequent claims during same window will result in a 30% taxation. Taxed tokens will be sent to burn address and removed from circulating supply.

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