Upgrading NFT Metadata

Imagine a gamified ecosystem with your NFTs, powered by ERC-20.

Leveling System

What happens when you fail?

If your leveling fails your asset downgrades by 1 level. Need to spend more $JNGL to upgrade. Risk:Reward. Your asset is safe at level 5 and can't go lower.

State of The Game

Currently 3 out of out 4 NFT collections have the ability to be upgraded. In September we will deploy leveling for Supreme Kong 1 and Supreme Bananas. An addition 3,500 NFTs that will begin their journey with leveling. That is quite a bit of potions that require $JNGL.

The Future

We have the intentions to raise the leveling cap above 10. Introduce new mechanics with crafting and further gamify this aspect of our ecosystem.

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