Empower yourself, build smarter with the jungle.

$JNGL powers the Jungle Labz ecosystem, consisting of Supreme Kong and 3 other collections that were initially rugged by previous team back in April 2022. The organization was taken over by new ownership and has risen to Top 75, now in 2023 on the ETH blockchain, with millions in secondary volume, operated by its holders.

$JNGL is a methodically developed token since Summer 2022.

$JNGL is a solution that alleviates the fatigue we have been feeling in existing markets. There is no ecosystem token that the people truly own, they are all owned by VCs. Many coins are diluted in value and don't have fair distribution amongst its participants leading to speculative sell pressure. For over a year now the Jungle Labz ecosystem has simulated the launch of $JNGL by first launching $KONG an off-chain token first and building an ecosystem and utilities around it. After developing this ecosystem with multiple iterations, now is the prime time to launch our ERC-20.

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